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Is it the remains of the rich and romantic past or the splendorous palaces and forts? Is it the different hues of the desserts or the vibrant clothes worn? Or is it the stories of the Maharajas or the battles fought by the Rajput warriors? One can only wonder how a place like Rajasthan wouldn’t be the most sought after places to visit in India.

Rajasthan, which literally means “land of the kings” or “land of kingdoms” is a compilation of wonderful places abundant in magnificent and triumphant culture. The place swarmed with breathtaking views and intricate architectures, you can only expect to be pampered in royalty on your stay in one of the palaces here.

See the wealth and prosperity of Rajasthan in every turn you make. On amazing sandstones of the city of Jaisalmar, the pink walls of the forts of Jaipur, the blue city- Jodhpur or the grand palaces with a spectacular view of the sparkling lake at Pichola and Udaipur. Experience the Thar Desert with an exciting camel ride or atop one of the magnificent Marwadi horses. A stay in a haveli will give you a good chance to familiarize with the local villagers and savour the local cuisine. How about a visit to the Jantar Observatory or witness the wildlife at the Sariska Tiger Reserve or at the Ranthambore National Park? Or to get the most of the colourful side of Rajasthan, attend a grand Rajasthani wedding in complete Marwari attire and feel like a true Indian Rajah or Rani. The very essence of Rajasthan is its rich heritage, which tempts any non- Rajasthani to be a part of.

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