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In India, food is truly glorious. Just like how India is, her cuisine is also as vast and diverse as herself. Each region having its own specialties and as many as the number of communities. The authenticity that originated from a unique civilization, strongly influenced by immemorial culture and traditions.

Many travelers hesitate at the first thought of Indian food. Would it be too spicy? Would it be satiating? How will I eat with my hands? Oh, I might as well have my usual continental! But when in India, you’re in for a surprise when it comes to food.

Indian food is a rich concoction of aromatic spices and fresh herbs infused into vegetables or meat and thus its taste speaks in volume through simple gestures of deep breaths, softly shut eyes and smacking lips. Exotic as it is, mesmerizing at every turn, India is a land of intricacies and contrasts in the matter of food as well. Rice being the staple food, Indian cuisine is garnished with a wide banquet of stir fried veggies, curries and mouth watering deserts. Rich in taste, texture and satisfying, the Indian platter is now spreading to be the best across the globe.

Indians are doubtful at the very thought of eating less. Each meal is fulfilling offering a unique breakfast, lunch and dining experience. Try delicious biriyanis and kebabs from the streets of Delhi. Dine on a sumptuous Mughal cuisine in Agra while you watch the beauty of the Taj Mahal. Fill your appetite by a traditional Rajasthani cuisine or eat at a roadside dhaba, where food is cooked in conventional clay pots. Enjoy snacks like vada pav, pani puri from a street vendor in Mumbai or relish finger licking fish fries from Goa. Feel the sweat trickling as you eat a true spicy Telugu meal. Tamil Nadu is famous for its idli, vada, dosas with sambhar and chutney. Chettinad cuisine is a must try here. Breakfast in Kerala is rated as the best by Travel & Leisure magazine with its delicious combinations of appam-stew, puttu-kadala, iddiyappam-curry and more. Enjoy an authentic Sadhya meal or succumb to a mouth-watering fresh catch of the day like crabs, lobsters, tiger prawns or various fish. For any epicurean, this memorable journey into the cultural and gastronomic heart of India will gratify every appetite.

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