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We at India Via Kerala aims to help individuals achieve wellness and longevity through Ayurveda, Yoga and Meditation. We organize Ayurveda Holidays and Yoga retreats in Kerala that aim to give our customers the foundation for a healthy and happy life. A wellness holiday with India Via Kerala gives you an excellent opportunity to escape your busy everyday life and start nourishing your body.

In this busy and hectic life who wouldn’t wish to take a break from all the chaos and hassles around you? A time to be alone, in a calm and quiet surrounding, to relax, to detoxify from all the impurities in your body and mind... Just to be yourself. This is where a wellness healing comes to liberate you from your demanding life.

The 5000 year old ancient medical science of Ayurveda, lends a curing touch for the stressed out and ailing bodies. The monsoon season especially is considered as the right time for an Ayruvedic treatment since a cool and relaxed body is more receptive towards the Ayurvedic therapies and medicines.

Treat you body and mind in a setting that you would love to be in. It may be on a golden sandy beach or on top of a mist clad mountain. It may be in a heritage resort overlooking the tranquil backwaters or in a peaceful Ayurvedic home stay. After a preliminary diagnostic consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor, you can choose from a variety of treatment ranging from revitalizing body massages, medicated baths, slimming procedures and stress management to the more intricate and gradual purification programs like the Panchakarma. Ease your mind with yoga and meditation classes, which are readily available in most of the resorts. Soothe your agitated senses and immerse in a state of peace and serenity. Bring together the body, mind and soul with the entire cosmos and attain nirvana.

We are dedicated to arranging an Ayurveda holiday to suit your requirements. Our listed Ayurvedic resorts in Kerala offer many programs & therapeutic packages including Yoga, detoxification, Panchakarma, weight loss and other wellness and curative treatments. Our selected ayurvedic resorts in Kerala provide ayurvedic and panchakarma medicine, organic oils and many other healing techniques with accommodation ranging from clean and simple to 5 star luxury to palaces exclusive for Ayurvedic treatments.

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