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Lace up your trekking boots and gather up your stamina, for trekking in the rough terrains of India will bring you an excitement like never before. A promising thrill for adventure tourism, India offers some of the most stimulating trekking and camping experience in the world. For most, India is a laid back destination with scenic beauty and delectable food. But little is it known that the mountainous landscape offers great adventure sports to send your adrenaline soaring. Wander into the mysteries of snow clad mountains in the North or in the hills of tea estates or spice plantations in the South, into the natural beauty of which still largely remains undiscovered and untarnished.

Trekking in the arid, extremely cold trans- Himalayan deserts of Leh- Ladak and Manali, very often at high altitudes can be a uniquely exhilarating experience. The terrain, as plainly beautiful as any highland setting in the world, has several trails that lead past amazingly located monasteries, secluded passes, sometimes tremendously high, deep river crevasses and lush meadows. Trekking in Munnar, Thekady or Wayanad in Kerala takes you to nature’s best canvas. Uncover the mist clad rough hilly terrains and a rural India with its unspoilt remote villages. Explore the exotic spice trails and get an opportunity to harvest them. Witness enchanting waterfalls, nestled in the virgin rainforests that are surely awe-inspiring. Come across several ancient temples, rustic settlements making your experience rich in spiritual eloquence.

Discover the rarest flora and fauna and the hidden trekking trails in their sheer primitiveness that will evoke pure thrill and awe. These places are bounteous in exotic escapes and spots for a unique travel experience.

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