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Festivals are the essence of all cultures in India which adds a layer of exhilaration and insight of the country. With a myriad of festivals, you cannot decide which is the biggest or more amusing. A fascinating cultural experience in a destination like India will certainly be a memory that cannot be forgotten easily.

Indians love celebrations and the year is filled with innumerable colourful fairs and flamboyant festivals. Almost every day marks a religious or social event celebrated by the diverse communities. Some festivals are linked to the pantheon of gods and goddesses; others follow the changing season and mark pastoral occasions. Some commemorate anniversaries and events of national importance such as the Republic Day.

From the world’s largest gathering on Ardh Kumbha Mela by the holy waters of Ganges at Haridwar to desert festivals and Camel Fair in Rajasthan, from breathtaking displays of fireworks on Diwali, to mouth-watering savouries distributed for any festivals, we can take you to spectacular festivals both religious and secular throughout the country. Wander the land that gave the world one of the most vibrant festivals called Holi and experience the rich pageantry. Take part in the explosive Durga Puja in Calcutta with its pompous celebrations. Travel to the heart of the country to witness the sensuous Khajuraho dance festival in Madhya Pradesh or visit Goa to experience a piece of Carnival on the lively beaches. Kerala’s Onam promises you everything gala to sumptuous food. From rhythmic boat race to vivacious men painted as tigers and leopards for pulikali. From the laying of the floral carpet of Pookalam to an elaborate banquet of Sadhya.

Being a culturally diverse and enthusiastic society, India’s festivals are celebrated with no discrimination in religion, caste or creed. Equally enjoyed and engaged in, these festivals bind the people in unity and integrity.

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