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A holiday might seem to be just beach, hill stations or wildlife. But in a place like India, delve into an inspiring experience called culture and heritage. Discover the trails of a cultural kaleidoscope that brings wonders to one’s eye.

India is a world apart- where a unique civilization prospered with mixed cultures and now flourishes in delightful contrasts of both traditional and modern. With different religions, languages, and traditions in India, the culture differs uniquely from each state, region to region. Here is the kind of cultural diversity which will be a worth experience.

Explore the majestic moments of the Maharajahs in North India through stunning palaces, forts, the iconic Taj Mahal and the grandeurs of Delhi and Agra. Visit the sacred town in Varanasi or take a dip in the waters of the Holy Ganges. Marvel at the medieval Rajasthan with its amazing havelis, deserted cities and villages. Take part in the vibrant festivals in Kolkata and also witness the British Raj architectures. Coming to the South, you will be taken aback at the remarkable difference in the domination of Dravidian ethnicity. Visit temples and see the sculptures that narrate stories of religious mythologies and philosophies. Admire wall murals painted out of natural colours. See the colonial charms in Kochi or behold the mystifying drama-dance, Kathakali.

It is not just the tradition and architecture that marks the culture of India. Cuisine plays an important role too. The Indian nature is warm and extremely welcoming. So whichever part of India you travel to, be ready to enjoy a belly filling wholesome sumptuous meal. Be it spicy or sweet, sour or a mixture of all, you will be treated to your heart’s content. You will be surprised how even a simple food habit differs from region to region. Such is the diversity in India. A diversity that unifies its people and welcomes one and all with folded hands and bowed heads.

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